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Domestic self-service card washing machine will eventually go international
- Mar 19, 2017 -

Domestic self-service card washing machine will eventually go international

With the continuous development of the society and the acceleration of the pace of life, the traditional consumption habits have been constantly subvert and challenge from the self-help industry. Convenient, fast, self-service style of consumption has been more and more recognized and respected by the vast number of consumers, and gradually become a consumer fashion.

At present, foreign developed countries, self service card, coin washing machine has been very common, with the rapid development of China's economy, the service industry is bound to have a major reform. Coin operated laundromat, has been a successful experience in foreign markets in Europe and the United States, for example, Taiwan, China: the first time in Europe, self-help laundry, through the United States, Japan and the introduction of Taiwan. Self help laundry is usually equipped with coin operated washing machines, coin dryers, currency machines, 24 hours without the clerk's business. The self-service washing machine business, as the bank teller machine is the trend of the times, twenty-first Century commercial form! Taiwan self-help laundry wash listed only 6 years, have occupied the Taiwan washing industry 25%, laundromat open 24 hours, has exceeded 160, and the estimated annual 20-30% at a rate of growth, and at least 15 years of development, the Taiwan market will need to. At present, the domestic industry is still a blank we have reason to believe his prospects.

China's current self service card printing industry is just a bud, some speculators took the opportunity to modify their own household washing machine to fill the commercial washing machine. Commercial washing machine features are: large capacity, simple operation, ozone sterilization, loss resistance. Independent modification of the washing machine will be greatly reduced in commercial use, so many investors questioned the product and give up the self-service laundry. Each product has a frozen period in development at first, shoddy washing machine will eventually be eliminated by the market, the domestic laundry industry will eventually toward normal, healthy development.

self-service card washing machine high-power high-capacity 7-13kg washing machine clutch assembly  with innovative technology and quality Basic Info

ITEM CODE : High power XQB-24 

Product Function: Wash and Spin

Brand: self-service card washing machine

Certificate: ISO9001

This clutch is used for self-service card washing machine 7-13kg washing machine .

Transport Package:  Carton

Origin: WuXi, China


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