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Explanation Of Vibration Platform
- Jan 18, 2017 -

1 what is the vibration

Vibration is a kind of wave. Mechanical vibration is the mechanical movement of an object in the vicinity of the equilibrium point.

2 classification of vibrations

The vibration can be divided into random vibration and periodic vibration. Periodic vibration including positive harmonic, multi harmonic, Fang Bo, sawtooth wave.

Periodic vibration can be decomposed into a series of simple harmonic vibration and. According to whether there are external forces, vibration can be divided into free vibration and forced vibration.

3 the description of the positive harmonic vibration

3.1 frequency, angular frequency and angular frequency are used to describe the number of times per unit of time.

The number of vibrations per second, known as the frequency of vibration, is commonly expressed in F. Units are: the number of times per second, with Hz. If the mechanical rotor exciter rotating radians per second to describe, called the angular frequency of vibration, commonly used Omega said. Unit is: Arc / per second. There is a relationship between frequency and angular frequency

3.2 displacement, velocity, acceleration displacement, velocity and acceleration are used to describe the amplitude of the vibration. Displacement refers to the maximum distance from the equilibrium position of the body when the vibration, commonly used A. Unit is: Rice (m). Speed refers to the maximum speed of the object when the vibration, commonly used v. Unit: M / S (m/s). Acceleration refers to the maximum acceleration of the object when the vibration, commonly known as a. Unit: M / s per second (m/s2). G is sometimes used as a gravitational acceleration: g=9.8m/s2.

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