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How To Do The Panasonic Clutch Is Not Easy To Turn Off
- Oct 20, 2017 -

How to do the Panasonic Clutch is not easy to turn off
Clutch control is the key to the field test, many students are difficult to control a good clutch. The problem lies not in the clutch height or soft and hard, but how to adapt and control. Grasp the following points, you can control the clutch better.
1, heel to the ground: Panasonic Clutch usually driving and examinations are different, usually driving can be suspended control half-clutch, because the duration is not long, suspended leg control clutch also have a chic feeling. But the test takes a long time to stabilize the speed, heel to become very important.
2, how to find the heel fulcrum: a heel fulcrum is not enough, heel fulcrum accurate position is more important. Some of the students on the train put the heel fulcrum fixed, Panasonic Clutch and then move the toes or forefoot to find control points, which is not correct.
Correct and effective approach is: Panasonic Clutch first to the front foot pedal clutch pedal, step on the end. Trampled on, then feel the forefoot to find the most comfortable point. Hanging heel lift his legs, slowly clutch.
Note: this time do not need heel fulcrum, hanging heel so that the legs follow the elasticity of the clutch free recovery. When you feel the engine starts to shake, keep the forefoot no longer recover the legs, quickly press the heel. Remember, this time the heel fulcrum is accurate and effective.
3, step on the right way to clutch
Start: the biggest problem is starting to turn off, which is not trampled on the Panasonic Clutch caused. Start, to smooth control of the speed of climbing clutch, not too fast. The beginning can be a little faster, carried to semi-linked state, the first stabilize for one or two seconds, when the car has started, the speed is very slow. And then slowly lift a little clutch, firmly let it open.
(1) on the train, the first step on the trampling look for the feeling of clutch, coach car and test car is different, so try to clutch the elastic, find semi-linked state of the clutch is what position;
(2) to find semi-linked state after the foot to step on the stability, and then slowly lift the clutch, until the car was completely smooth start;
(3) parking, to set aside a parking distance, lift the accelerator pedal, hit the right turn lights, depressing the clutch and brake, stop in the right place.
When the Panasonic Clutch is connected, 100% connected to the engine and gearbox power; depress the Panasonic Clutch, completely disengaged with the engine power to achieve smooth gearshift. (0% or 100%) hard link, so power transfer efficiency is very high (close to 100%), if you do not press the Panasonic Clutch, forced shift, the car will appear suddenly set off, can not smooth shift!
1. Panasonic Clutch pedal heavy cause of the return spring tension
In order to allow the Panasonic Clutch pedal to be able to quickly and quickly return to the standby position, the pedal will be designed with a return spring. If the pedal heavy phenomenon is in the replacement of the new spring after the emergence of that is likely to be loose clutch pedal return spring caused by too much tension, the problem is easier to solve, replace a smaller tension of the spring can be.
2. Panasonic Clutch pedal heavy cause of the clutch cylinder damage
At present, almost all of the heavy truck Panasonic Clutch are used to help the system, under normal circumstances the operation will be more light, but if the clutch tank failure, may cause insufficient power, may wish to check whether the working cylinder is working properly.
3. Panasonic Clutch pedal heavy reason for compressed air pressure is low
I have already talked about the heavy pedal caused by damage to the Panasonic Clutch, but sometimes it is not necessarily the cause of the cylinder itself. Because most of the power driving the clutch booster comes from the compressed air in the cylinder, if the compressed air pressure to the booster is too low, it will cause the lack of power to occur, so after such failure, Check the compressed air pressure to the clutch booster.