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How To Explain The Half Of The Panasonic Clutch
- Sep 11, 2017 -

How to explain the half of the Panasonic Clutch
Panasonic Clutch pedal function is to cut off the power between the engine and the transmission, is conducive to start, speed, and parking. So how to better use it?
Panasonic Clutch semi-linked use of the method revealed as follows:
Panasonic Clutch half of the use of one of the exploration
Move the clutch to the car when you start the car when you do not lift, if you feel some of the car faster, you can step down some more, if you feel the car some slow, you can move up again, so that Control the speed within the speed range you want.
Panasonic Clutch half of the use of exploration of the two
When the ramp starts, there are five ways to determine the linkage point:
First, listen to the sound of the engine changes, when the Panasonic Clutch to the linkage point when the engine began to transfer power to the back, it is necessary to consume the power of the engine, so the engine speed down, the sound significantly smaller, when the Panasonic Clutch To the linkage point.
Second, with the feeling of foot: When the Panasonic Clutch to the linkage point when the Panasonic Clutch pedal there is a slight feeling of the top feet, this time, you can also prove that the Panasonic Clutch to the linkage point.
Third, with the vehicle jitter: when the Panasonic Clutch to the linkage point when the vehicle and the shift lever on the emergence of a slight trembling phenomenon, this time, also proved that the Panasonic Clutch to the linkage point.
Fourth, look at the engine tachometer speed changes: If you have an engine tachometer, Panasonic Clutch lift in the process, if your car engine speed table speed significantly decreased, you can also prove that the Panasonic Clutch lift To the linkage point.
Fifth, with the impulse of the vehicle: Panasonic Clutch carried to the linkage point when the vehicle has a slight impulse to move forward, then the Panasonic Clutch also carried to the linkage point.
As long as the Panasonic Clutch lift to the linkage point, do not lift (if the lift, the engine to turn off), and do not step down (if the step down, parking brake a lift, the car will slip) (Because at this time the Panasonic Clutch friction plate between the pressure plate and the flywheel, both the transmission torque, but also produce a slip, so at this time, even if you do not pull parking brake, the engine both Will not turn off the fire, the vehicle will not slip back, that is the reason, if you do not even leave the parking brake at this time, will cause the Panasonic Clutch friction plate accelerated wear, and soon put the Panasonic Clutch friction tablets worn or Burned), the car started (if the car does not move, can lift a little car began to go), after the start must wait for the car before the line more than 5 meters in order to Panasonic Clutch pedal slowly all lifted. Otherwise the engine will turn off.
Note: At this time the throttle than the flat start when the big, because the plane started, the engine only to overcome the driving resistance of a vehicle itself, uphill but also to overcome the ramp resistance, due to increased resistance, so the need Engine power is big. So, the throttle is bigger than the plain road. The number of appropriate, depending on the size of the ramp to decide, if the ramp is not too large, the throttle appropriate on the line, if the ramp is steeper, then the throttle will be bigger, the largest, do not exceed the middle of the engine Rotating speed. In short, a principle, when the ramp starts, be sure to keep the engine powered.
Panasonic Clutch half of the use of revealing the three
Shift when the semi-linked use:
When the Panasonic Clutch pedal is lifted to the linkage point, stop for 2 - 3 seconds before lifting the Panasonic Clutch pedal. Otherwise, the vehicle will be seated (when the throttle is released) or rushed Did not release) phenomenon, the phenomenon of recoil vehicles, because the shift speed is too high, the vehicle rushed into the phenomenon, because the engine speed is too high to. In the study car, this phenomenon is difficult to avoid, so the Panasonic Clutch pedal carried to the linkage point when the time to stop 2 - 3 seconds, the engine and the speed of the vehicle in the Panasonic Clutch semi-linkage effect, it will shrink Or equal, then the Panasonic Clutch pedal all lifted, it will not appear sitting and rushed into the phenomenon. If you can speed and engine speed with a very understanding, that is, Panasonic Clutch pedal lift and then fast, there will not be sitting and rushed into the phenomenon, to achieve the above realm, not a month or two can do, must go through A longer period of experience and practice can be achieved, that is, frozen three feet, not a day of cold. I do not know if you have noticed, the file after the change, sometimes you put the Panasonic Clutch pedal quickly lifted, the vehicle will not appear sitting and rushed into the phenomenon, is the reason.