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How To Use The Daewoo Clutch Pressure Plate How To Play A Good Stabilizing Effect
- Nov 02, 2017 -

How to use the Daewoo Clutch pressure plate how to play a good stabilizing effect
If you want to buy, the quality of the price of the appropriate car Daewoo Clutch pressure plate, you can at any time in accordance with the site above contact information, and our car Daewoo Clutch pressure plate manufacturers contact. In order to let everyone for our products have more in-depth understanding and understanding, then we have prepared some relevant knowledge, mainly around its principles and some use of some of the situation.
Car Daewoo Clutch pressure plate manufacturers have a lot, but not all manufacturers of products can meet the needs of the use of hope that we must be in the process of purchase must carefully choose partners. Daewoo Clutch shell is installed in the flywheel on the rear surface of the plunger above, but the process of running the role of the spring, the pressure plate and friction plate fully integrated, so that the engine power transmission to the gearbox.
Daewoo Clutch pressure plate is equipped with friction plate above, like the wheel on the brake pads, the effect is the same, must have a good wear-resistant asbestos or copper wire casting some of the friction and application, so that can be formed in Shift process which play a good stabilizing effect, to ensure the health of drivers. Where the product must be used repeatedly, so it also belongs to a wearable product that should be replaced after a period of use
In the use of car Daewoo Clutch, the accelerator pedal control is auxiliary control, that is, Daewoo Clutch operation is the key point, Daewoo Clutch operation has eight aspects need attention.
1) pay attention to the right step on the Daewoo Clutch posture. Daewoo Clutch pedals should be controlled by front foot. When stamped on the Daewoo Clutch pedal, with the foot pedal on the Daewoo Clutch pedal, the heel to close to the ground, when the Daewoo Clutch stepped to the lowest point, the knee to keep the micro-song. Do not use the toes to pedal or heel off the ground, to avoid the power is not enough or down.
2) Attention to step on the Daewoo Clutch, to step on the lowest point. To avoid Daewoo Clutch for a long time in the joint state, to ensure that Daewoo Clutch completely separated, and will not wear.
3) Attention to control the timing of the clutch. When driving, Daewoo Clutch do not loose too fast or deliberately raise the engine speed too high. This will accelerate the loss of Daewoo Clutch.
To reduce the wear of Daewoo Clutch, we must first clear Daewoo Clutch cylinder structure is set in the transmission on the input sleeve, is to rely on Daewoo Clutch pressure plate through the separation of bearings to the pump to provide the return force, so the total separation of bearings Is in contact with the pressure plate. When the Daewoo Clutch pedal is depressed, the Daewoo Clutch pressure plate and the tablet are separated by separating the bearings. The driver depresses the Daewoo Clutch pedal, the engine transmission and the transmission are disconnected, the engine power will not be transmitted to the wheel to drive the car. When the driver releases the Daewoo Clutch, the engine's transmission will be connected to the transmission so that power is transmitted to the wheel.
The following methods can effectively reduce the wear of Daewoo Clutch. Use a block start to get the maximum torque at start, reducing the overload of the Daewoo Clutch. Reduced Daewoo Clutch in a semi-linked state, the use of Daewoo Clutch pedal should be tread in the end, after use completely loose to ensure that Daewoo Clutch completely separated and reliable combination. After the success of the song should be as soon as possible Daewoo Clutch, reduce the Daewoo Clutch pressure plate and tablet pressing unnecessary friction.
Do not put your feet on the Daewoo Clutch pedal when you are running normally to ensure full fit within the Daewoo Clutch. Also in the city, need to slow down when not too early to depress the Daewoo Clutch pedal, should be reduced to a reasonable range within the range and then depress the Daewoo Clutch pedal to reduce the Daewoo Clutch idling. Parking should be empty, release the Daewoo Clutch pedal, so you can avoid increasing the burden of Daewoo Clutch.