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LG Clutch Has What Performance
- Jul 31, 2017 -

LG Clutch has what performance
 We all know that the LG Clutch is connected by air pressure, by the return spring to let go. It works by pressing a rotating thing to let another thing that is originally stopped to rotate the object. Like a car, start the engine first by the clutch to make the engine rotation. The LG Clutch may also be referred to as a pneumatic clutch, which is primarily a device or a device that transmits the power on the coaxial line or is capable of engaging and separating during the movement according to the needs of the person, the LG Clutch Mainly by pressing a rotating thing and then can make another static objects rotate up the device, LG Clutch and other clutches have a lot of advantages even if the same function also has superior performance, especially compared with the magnetic clutch, Than the work of pneumatic products in the reaction rate to be about 30% faster, has a certain advantage. LG Clutch compared with the traditional riveting method, the use of the process for the different parts of the different wear, especially the LG Clutch wear life than the other clutch equipment to more than double, saving more cost, provided a Equipment life, for people in the use of convenience, and the LG Clutch cooling effect is also very good for those high frequency and continuous sliding under the working conditions used, therefore, its performance is very advantageous.
LG Clutch and magnetic clutch compared to the performance advantages are as follows: 1. Pneumatic products in the reaction speed of 30% faster. 2. Pneumatic transmission of the torque is 40%. 3. The life of the friction plate grows 6 times. 4. Pneumatic products consume only 60% of the energy of electromagnetic products. 5. Heat dissipation capacity is 30% higher.
   In order to maintain the excellent performance of LG Clutch for a long time, we must pay attention to regular maintenance, reduce product wear and failure. Today, Shanghai Han Dong and we talk about LG Clutch maintenance.
       LG Clutch lubrication is very important, to add the relevant parts of the lubricant, if the replacement of the wear surface, should be re-adjust the brake surface and the minimum gap between the turntable. The LG Clutch regularly checks the mechanical wear of the movable parts and removes dust, hair and dirt from the surface of the electromagnet parts. Periodically check the length of the armature stroke. Because during the operation of the brake, the length of the armature will increase due to the wear of the cutting surface. When the length of the armature stroke is less than normal, it must be adjusted to restore the minimum clearance between the brake surface and the turntable. LG Clutch If the armature stroke length increases above normal, it is possible to greatly reduce the suction.
       In addition, for the equipment parts, such as bolts, screws, wiring and other parts should pay attention to the connection fastening to see if there is wear and tear, wear parts should pay attention to timely maintenance or replacement. Today, the development of China's LG Clutch faster and faster, the market demand is also growing, the application is very wide, in the mining, petroleum, chemical and other industries more applications, and different industries need the type and specifications. LG Clutch more types, the larger demand in various industries.
       With the improvement of people's living standards, the technical performance requirements of the LG Clutch to improve, resulting in all sectors of the active LG Clutch demand is growing, more and more technical requirements, focusing on the development of high-skill content automatic LG Clutch and Continued progress in China's automatic LG Clutch standardization has become the "second five" the development of the focus. It can be seen that in the future, the demand for overseas automatic LG Clutch industry is still very large, and its development rate will also adhere to the high-speed growth situation.
       LG Clutch also toward the professional direction of development, our ball mill with clutch, grinding machine with a clutch are professional production, and high precision, in the production of research has a wealth of experience, product quality assurance.