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LG Clutch Heat Phenomenon
- Jun 30, 2017 -

LG Clutch heat phenomenon
   LG Clutch at work when the heat generated by the transformation from it? Clutch (brake) device is generated by the friction between each other, it is the main heat source followed by no-load torque and coil power generated, so when the user found that the product overheating phenomenon is timely analysis of the reasons, often due to heat Poor distribution, resulting in a decline in torque, resulting in coil burns.

      The general situation as long as the use of reasonable torque of the product temperature does not exceed the line to allow E-class insulation level requirements, the above situation will not occur, but in the high-frequency commutation continuous operation, due to the cumulative heat dissipation may cause malfunction. At this time to improve the selection of torque value of the larger grade products.
 In the case where the radial dimension of the clutch can not be increased, the multi-chip LG Clutch flux is used for several times, and the torque of the double-track clutch structure can be greatly improved to meet the increased torque of the shuttleless loom. But the double magnetic circuit due to the magnetic flux twice, the friction must choose the metal material, resulting in shuttleless looms due to clutch friction wear too fast, to promote the double magnetic circuit friction wear rate is extremely high, resulting in The reliability of the shuttle looms is reduced. Such as SMIT company's FAST rapier looms; PICANOL company's GTM-A, GTM-AS rapier looms.

      DORNIER company produced HTV-1 / E, HTV-M / E, etc., are used dual-circuit common armature clutch. There are PICANOL recently produced a new type of DELTA air-jet looms in the brake also use dual-track structure of the friction pair, SMIT company FAST in the rapier loom LG Clutch also use double magnetic structure of the friction pair to adapt to this class The loom does not increase the radial size of the friction pair to meet the demand for the loom to increase the torque. The working principle of the LG Clutch The active part of the LG Clutch and the driven part of the friction between the contact surface, or with a liquid as a transmission medium (hydraulic coupling), or with a magnetic drive (LG Clutch) to transmit torque, So that the two can be temporarily separated, but also gradually joined in the transmission process and promised two parts of each other rotation.
 Regularly check the mechanical parts of the movable parts of the wear and removal of the surface of the electromagnet parts of the dust, hair and dirt, dry LG Clutch when used to prohibit the addition of grease, otherwise it will lead to torque decline. ● LG Clutch must be cleaned before installation, remove anti-rust grease and debris.
      LG Clutch can be coaxial to install, can also be installed on the shaft, the axis must be fixed, the active part and the passive part are not allowed to have axial movement, the shaft installation, the active part and the slave part of the same axis Shaft should not be greater than 0.lmm. (1) sub-oil lubrication; (2) oil bath lubrication, the part of which is immersed in the oil is about 5 times the volume of the clutch; (3) the amount of oil, Axial oil lubrication, in the high-speed and high-frequency operation should be used when the axis of oil supply method.