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LG Clutch Installation Common Five Questions
- Jun 22, 2017 -

LG Clutch Installation Common Five Questions
 1. Will the LG clutch be worn out?
LG clutch principle that is simple to have a robot to help you step on the clutch, when you need to step on the clutch, it will automatically help you step on, how many steps, how much, by the computer to help you automatically control. LG clutch the fastest time is 0.02 seconds, the control accuracy of 0.02MM, this speed and accuracy is impossible to do, the shorter the clutch time the smaller the clutch wear the smaller, under the same conditions, artificial and Clutch control compared to the two, LG clutch but reduced the half-clutch state time, to reduce the wear of the clutch sheet.

2. Can I install the LG clutch?
LG clutch separation time of 0.02 seconds, human control clutch separation time in more than 1 second, we all know that the engine is driven by clutch power, the longer the clutch separation, the less power transmission, fuel-efficient mainly by reducing the clutch Separation time to achieve, the specific section of the number of oil depends on driving skills and habits, is difficult to reflect at high speed, in the city can generally save more than 5%.

3. What is the difference between the installation of the LG clutch and the automatic carriage?
After the installation of the gearbox has not changed, or belong to the mechanical transmission, fuel consumption or remain unchanged, compared with the automatic transmission, the biggest difference is the need for manual increase and decrease
 4. After the installation, the car on the card, etc. can pass it?
The annual focus is to see the engine number, throttle, brake, etc. have not changed, LG clutch system from beginning to end did not have any changes to these parts, so do not involve modification, will not affect the trial on the card, and we have a key switch, Turn off the system after the trial last year.

5. Is LG Clutch Modification Valid?
LG clutch is an installation of the product, does not belong to the scope of conversion, do not change the original car clutch, do not change the engine, gearbox, brakes and throttle and other security projects involved, even the installation hole are used in the original car hole, it only (The equivalent of step on the clutch); turn off the system switch after a considerable amount of time to turn off the system switch, When the LG clutch is not installed, return to the foot clutch. So that the installation of the LG clutch is not the scope of the conversion, more is definitely not illegal modification, the major media news has been reported Division I automatic king brand products, legal and stability.