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Maintenance Of The Samsung Clutch
- Jul 18, 2017 -

Maintenance of the Samsung Clutch

In order to ensure the continuous operation of the Samsung Clutch, it must be maintained and maintained frequently:

1. Add lubricant to the movable part of the Samsung Clutch.

2. Check the length of the armature stroke regularly. Because of the abrasion of the cutting surface during the operation of the clutch, the length of the armature will be increased. When the length of the armature can not reach the normal value, adjustment must be made to restore the minimum clearance between the brake surface and the turntable. If the length of the armature stroke increases to more than normal, the suction can be greatly reduced.

If a worn brake surface is replaced, the minimum clearance between the brake surface and the turntable should be adjusted properly.

4. Check the fastening degree of bolts, especially bolts of electromagnet, bolts of electromagnet and shell, bolts of magnetic yoke, bolts of electromagnet coil and wiring bolts.

5. Check the mechanical wear of movable parts regularly and remove dust, hair and dirt on the surface of electromagnet parts.

Samsung Clutch installation precautions

1, please no moisture, oil and other dry Samsung Clutch is used below the condition that, if the friction parts is stained with water or oil and other substances, can make the friction torque greatly reduced, the sensitivity of the clutch will become worse, in order to avoid these situations in use, added a cover cap, please.

2. Use a protective shield when used in places where dust is plentiful.

3. Please use the specification of h6 to install the long axis of the clutch.

For factors such as thermal expansion, the thrust of the installation shaft should be below 0.2mm.

5. When installing, please adjust the gap adjustment to within 20% of the fixed value.

6. Please keep the bracket light and do not use the clutch bearing under heavy pressure.

7. For the screws of assembly, please use the spring metal sheet and the other to prevent loose treatment.

8. Using the frame of the mechanical side to maintain the lead, the terminal board should be used to make sure connections.

Precautions for use

1. When the dry type of Samsung Clutch is used, it is forbidden to add oil, otherwise the torque will be reduced.

2. Clean and remove anti-rust grease and sundries before installation of the Samsung Clutch.

3, Samsung Clutch can coaxial installation, also can for shaft installation, axial must be fixed, the active part and the driven part are not allowed to have axial channeling, for shaft installation, the active part and the driven part of the shaft alignment between should not be greater than 0. LMM.

4. When the wet Samsung Clutch is working, it must be lubricated between the friction pieces and the lubrication mode is used (1) to lubricate the oil; (2) oil bath lubrication, which is about 5 times the volume of the clutch; (3) axial oil lubrication, the axial oil supply method should be adopted in high speed and high frequency motion. When the attached Samsung Clutch is installed, there must be a certain clearance between the ends of the front teeth, so that no sharpening of the teeth during the idle time, but not greater than the delta value.

6, samsung, clutch and brake for class b insulation, normal temperature 40 ℃. Limit working temperature of heat balance when not allowed more than 100 ℃, otherwise the coil and the friction parts are prone to damage.

7. Power supply and control circuit, the clutch power supply is normally dc 24 volts (except special orders). It is obtained from three phases or single phase ac voltages with voltage and full wave rectification, without voltage and filter requirements, the power supply is more than 1.5 times of the rated power of the Samsung Clutch. The semi-wave rectifying power supply must be fitted with a recurrent diode.