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Panasonic Clutch Adjustment
- Aug 18, 2017 -

Panasonic Clutch adjustment
Panasonic Clutch in the use of the process, the drive plate will be thinner due to wear and tear, so that the free gap becomes smaller, and ultimately will affect the normal engagement of the Panasonic Clutch, so Panasonic Clutch after a period of time need to be adjusted. Panasonic Clutch adjustment is to ensure that the appropriate free clearance, Panasonic Clutch adjustment of the parts and methods depending on the specific model.
The pressure plate is the active part of the Panasonic Clutch, always with the flywheel rotation, usually through the boss, key or pin drive, so that with the flywheel rotation, while the pressure plate can move relative to the flywheel, so that the Panasonic Clutch separation. The driven plate is mainly composed of driven disc body, friction plate and driven plate hub.
In the process of separation of the clutch from the clutch, the friction plate and the flywheel and pressure plate to friction between, resulting in a lot of heat. These calories need to be released in time to avoid friction due to high temperature and damage, so the Panasonic Clutch cover is equipped with windows, and some also made a wind guide to enhance its internal ventilation and heat.
The most common compression structure of the friction clutch is the coil spring and the diaphragm spring, and the diaphragm spring Panasonic Clutch has both push and pull configurations. And the coil spring Panasonic Clutch according to the spring pressure on the pressure plate is divided into the cloth spring and the central spring type.
Panasonic Clutch operating mechanism is divided into mechanical control mechanism, hydraulic control mechanism, in order to reduce the required Panasonic Clutch pedal force, and not because the transmission ratio is too large and increase the pedal stroke, in some heavy trucks and a Some of the cars are equipped with a Panasonic Clutch pedal booster. There is also a pneumatic maneuvering Matsushita clutch operating mechanism that uses the engine to drive the air compressor as the main operating energy source. The driver's body is used as an auxiliary or backup maneuverable energy and more with a car's pneumatic brake system or other pneumatic equipment. Compressed air source.
Novice driving when there will be some Panasonic Clutch on the use of the wrong operation. As a novice, due to unskilled driving skills, it is difficult to match the oil well, resulting in the use of Panasonic Clutch when there are some damage to the operation of the Panasonic Clutch, and these are also in the Panasonic Clutch semi-linked state under.
(1) boring Panasonic Clutch to go
Some novice just when the road due to tension, the oil from the poor, afraid of their own at the start of the fire off the car, so the boom throttle and Panasonic Clutch is very low pressure, half a day are not all lifted to achieve full linkage, this time the engine Of the speed and the speed of a shaft there is a huge difference in speed, and the vehicle is slowly starting, these huge speed difference by the Panasonic Clutch half of the digestion, which is very loose loose clutch practice. In order to avoid the frequent ramp start, with the foot half step on the clutch, so that can be used to control the speed of the car half of the car, which is commonly known as boring Panasonic Clutch to go.
(2) the whole process of foot Panasonic Clutch
Some people are driving on the road, always like to put his left foot on the Panasonic Clutch pedal, resulting in unconsciously pressed the Panasonic Clutch pedal. That is, the entire process Panasonic Clutch are sliding friction, this long sliding friction will damage the Panasonic Clutch. The vehicle is in a semi-linked state for a long time. All of these operations will accelerate the wear of the Panasonic Clutch plate, the vehicle's power and economy will cause losses.