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Royalstar Clutch Adjustment Maintenance Method
- Aug 09, 2017 -

Royalstar Clutch adjustment maintenance method
  The role of the Royalstar Clutch: the Royalstar Clutch is directly connected with the engine in the car drive system, it can make the engine power and transmission device smoothly or temporarily separated, reliable transmission of engine torque, so that the pilot driver to start the car , Parking, shift and other operations. The Royalstar Clutch does not need maintenance or maintenance as much as other car parts, but some of the checks in the use of the work must be done.
1. Royalstar Clutch pedal height measurement and adjustment
The distance from the floor to the pedal surface is called the pedal height, ie, a, the standard value is 180.5mm. If it does not match, adjust the pedal stop bolt, adjust the standard value and tighten the lock nut.
2. Royalstar Clutch pedal free gap measurement and adjustment
Royalstar Clutch pedal If there is no free travel, it will cause the Royalstar Clutch to slip, the car is running weak; if the Royalstar Clutch pedal free travel is too large, can not make the Royalstar Clutch completely separated, will cause the shift difficult.
When checking, press the Royalstar Clutch pedal until you feel the resistance so far. This trip is the free ride of the Royalstar Clutch pedal. The free travel must be within the limits specified in 6-13 mm. If you do not meet the requirements should be to the maintenance station maintenance.
Royalstar Clutch pedal free gap measurement and adjustment methods are as follows:
Measure the Royalstar Clutch pedal free clearance, ie b distance, the standard value of 6 -13 mm, if not match, should adjust the length of the Royalstar Clutch master cylinder, adjust the standard value and tighten the plunger lock nut.
3. Hydraulic type Royalstar Clutch operating mechanism of the exhaust gas method
Every time you remove the Royalstar Clutch tubing, the Royalstar Clutch Hose, the Royalstar Clutch Master, or the Royalstar Clutch Pedal feels weak, the Royalstar Clutch Hydraulic System is deflated and the Royalstar Clutch Oil sae j1703 (or d0t3, dot4) Do not use poor quality Royalstar Clutch oil.
(1) use a plastic hose on the deflated bolts, the discharge of the Royalstar Clutch oil into a container, open the Royalstar Clutch wheel cylinder bleed bolts.
(2) Slowly step down the Royalstar Clutch pedal, if the reciprocating step on the Royalstar Clutch pedal too fast, the air in the cylinder will not be able to let go, each time to relax the Royalstar Clutch pedal to return to the highest position.
(3) Tighten the Royalstar Clutch pedal, tighten the bleed bolt.
(4) raise the Royalstar Clutch oil to the storage tank to the specified position.
Royalstar Clutch maintenance method, how to reduce wear and tear
Start with a block to get the maximum torque at start, reducing the Royalstar Clutch overload. Reduced the Royalstar Clutch in a semi-linked state, the use of the Royalstar Clutch pedal should be tread in the end, after use completely loose to ensure that the Royalstar Clutch completely separated and reliable combination. After the start of the success should be loose as soon as the Royalstar Clutch, to reduce the Royalstar Clutch pressure plate and tablet pressing unnecessary friction. Do not put your feet on the Royalstar Clutch pedal when you are running normally to ensure full engagement within the Royalstar Clutch.