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Royalstar Clutch Quality Inspection
- Sep 20, 2017 -

Royalstar Clutch quality inspection
The operation of the car must be safe, because it will affect the safety of our drivers, pay attention to the separation of the Royalstar Clutch lever height is consistent, is too low. In the car toggle the split fork, so that the front end of the separation bearing gently against the inner surface of the separation lever, turn the Royalstar Clutch a week to see if the separation of the inner end of the lever and the separation of bearings can not contact, indicating the separation of the lever Highly inconsistent, should be adjusted. If the separation lever height is consistent, still separate is not complete, it is necessary to check the lever height. The separation of the lever to the same height, if you can completely separate, that the original adjustment is not appropriate or wear too much. After the separation lever is adjusted, the free time of the Royalstar Clutch pedal must be readjusted. Still separate is not complete, it is necessary to remove the Royalstar Clutch, check the drive plate is installed anti-axial movement is difficult, whether the main drive plate warping, separation of the lever screw is loose, floating pin is off.
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The use of Royalstar Clutch In addition to low-speed driving this situation, such as three or more brakes do not need to depress the Royalstar Clutch. Mainly used for a variety of heavy truck an important auto parts products, such products in the packaging and maintenance of the time should be noted that after the overhaul, the replacement of the new parts and vehicles need to run. Therefore, the vehicle speed should be less than 120 km / h, and to avoid rapid acceleration operation. The first maintenance of the replacement of lubricating oil, to prevent the run-off caused by impurities in the oil channel. The second maintenance of the use of special lubricants exchange oil, and replace the filter to ensure that the normal clean filter, three maintenance using a dedicated lubricants switch, the internal thorough cleaning and oil change to ensure that the internal components of the cleaning and lubrication
We are in the production of the Royalstar Clutch pressure plate, the use of very advanced technology and relatively sophisticated technology, and its use of the various principles are very thorough analysis, so to ensure that our products in the practical application The process of the use of the effect, for his overall application will be more helpful.
The use of the Royalstar Clutch platen is very frequent, so in the course of the use of which may be more prone to some problems, this time we need to repair it, of course, before the repair also need to find the cause of his problems An important reason, so as to be able to prescribe the right medicine, to ensure that he can be used after the normal repair. The general case and then use him, can only run 80 to 90 km, it may be slipping problems, so that the need for technical repair or maintenance, because it is in the application process is prone to wear Of the problem, so after a long time may wear more serious, you need to be replaced. If you operate the way is more correct, you can make it more able to extend the use of some time.
When we are very difficult to hang, we need to be a test for the Royalstar Clutch platen, because if any of the components of the Royalstar Clutch problems, will affect our normal driving, will lead to a lot of failures.
  The Royalstar Clutch Platen has a variety of reasons for it to slip, for example, in the course of long-term driving, often due to the problem of our operating habits will lead to its friction plate burning hardening or oil or serious wear The situation should be promptly to detect any serious wear and tear of the parts, must be replaced in a timely manner.In addition to the time of replacement should be strictly in accordance with the corresponding size and model requirements to be replaced, the replacement process which must It is reasonable to set the height of the separation lever to the same, and if the adjustment of the free travel is too small or too large, it will cause the driving process of the Royalstar Clutch will cause the phenomenon of slipping in the Royalstar Clutch. Mechanical parts, in the course of efficient operation will be due to various situations and wear, so we have to travel after the regular maintenance of them.