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Samsung Clutch Pressure Plate Using Tips
- Oct 11, 2017 -

Samsung Clutch pressure plate is widely used in the spring compression of the friction Samsung Clutch, when the driver depresses the Samsung Clutch pedal, through the transmission of the parts, so that the large end of the diaphragm spring driven plate, then driven part Separate from active parts. Samsung Clutch pressure plate is a car can not be separated from a device, in order to let everyone on our products have a more in-depth understanding of the following I will tell you about its related knowledge!
Samsung Clutch pressure plate is our company's main production and sales of a product, in the production and production of the time we use advanced technology and perfect technology, is very wear-resistant asbestos and copper wire, pressure plate friction plate There is also the minimum allowable thickness, long mileage, the pressure plate on the friction plate should be replaced. In order to reduce the loss of Samsung Clutch film, so there is the correct use of Samsung Clutch pedal method. Do not step on the Samsung Clutch pedal. So that Samsung Clutch film is in a semi-clutch state, that is, Frisbee and pressure plate in the state of friction. If you completely depress the Samsung Clutch pedal, the flywheel and the Samsung Clutch platen are completely cut and there is no friction between the two. If the Samsung Clutch pedal is fully lifted, the flywheel and the Samsung Clutch platen are fully engaged, although there is friction, but there is still no friction. So that can not Samsung Clutch pedal stepped on half of the state.
Automotive Samsung Clutch pressure plate in the car driving, due to the role of sliding friction parts easy to wear, deformation or rupture, the corresponding reduction in friction torque, resulting in clutch system failure. In order to extend the life of Samsung Clutch as much as possible, it is important to properly maintain the clutch system. Automotive Samsung Clutch film in the course of the use of frequent failures are mainly Samsung Clutch pedal heavy, slippery, separation is not complete (linked to difficult), trembling, hair, abnormal sound and so on. If these problems occur after we have to check the separation of the master cylinder assembly is not adjusted properly, the pedal is too high, and no empty travel, and then check the driven plate (friction plate) assembly: friction plate wear large (wear to friction plate Rivets) from the excess wear (finger end of the arc has been polished), the separation of excessive bearing wear (thrust plane grinding concave concave arc).
The Samsung Clutch carried to the car when you start the time you do not lift, if you feel some of the car faster, you can step down some more, if you feel the car some slow, you can move up again, so that Control the speed within the speed range you want.
Samsung Clutch semi-linked use of the exploration of the two
When the ramp starts, there are five ways to determine the linkage point:
First, when the sound of the engine changes, when the Samsung Clutch carried to the linkage point, the engine began to transfer power to the back, it is necessary to consume the power of the engine, so the engine speed down, the sound significantly smaller, then Samsung Clutch To the linkage point.
Second, with the feeling of foot: When Samsung Clutch carried to the linkage point when the Samsung Clutch pedal there is a slight feeling of the top foot, then, it can also prove that Samsung Clutch to carry the linkage point.
Third, with the vehicle jitter: When Samsung Clutch carried to the linkage point, the vehicle and the shift lever on the emergence of a slight trembling phenomenon, this time, also proved that Samsung Clutch to carry the linkage point.
Fourth, look at the engine tachometer speed changes: If you have an engine tachometer, Samsung Clutch lift in the process, if your car engine tachometer speed significantly decreased, you can also prove that Samsung Clutch on the lift To the linkage point.
Fifth, with the impulse of the vehicle: Samsung Clutch carried to the linkage point when the vehicle has a slight impulse to move forward, when Samsung Clutch also carried to the linkage point.
As long as the Samsung Clutch carried to the linkage point, do not lift (if the lift, the engine on the flame), and do not step down (if the step down, parking brake a lift, the car will slip) (Because at this time the Samsung Clutch friction plate between the pressure plate and the flywheel, both the transmission torque, but also produce slip, the reason why at this time, even if you do not pull parking brake, the engine both Will not turn off, the vehicle will not slip backwards.