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Teach You To Step On The LG Clutch Division 2 Easily
- Sep 20, 2017 -

Teach you to step on the LG Clutch Division 2 easily
The reasons for the two links are nothing more than these: or forget to play the light; or point over; or pressure line; or flame ... ... put aside because of forget the seat belt, forget the lights of these details, , The pressure line, or flameout, the main reason is the LG Clutch did not pressure, and today teach you how to easily grasp the clutch skills.
If the pressure is not good LG Clutch, easy to lead the vehicle too late to play the steering wheel; or too slow lead to electronic sensor system misjudgment you stop halfway; or direct flame, so the two pressure off the clutch,
This is mainly aimed at the area can be used uplift throttle (in some places do not have throttle). Uphill when the time will always be faced with such a problem: throttle to increase it, the car too fast to miss the point, not good to adjust the body; too slow after the slip. This time the LG Clutch is particularly important, and too fast when not to move the throttle, the LG Clutch down a little bit, speed in their own grasp
At the same time, when the ramp in the parking, remember the LG Clutch with the brake synchronization, do not be afraid of flame, release the throttle after the car there are inertia, and then pull the handbrake; start if you can, first throttle, and then look for semi- Feeling the whole car should be forward when the red hand brake, start, this is the most secure ramp start
Reversing the storage and the side of the parking, the speed is not deliberately slow, because the alignment point when you need to press a little bit, easy to play the steering wheel, while the car in the library when the brake to remember to step in the end, ; Remember to step on the clutch in the end, for the forward block, and then slowly out of the car (there are always students in the body is very positive when the excitement, and forget the stall transposition forward block)
Right angle with the curve of the LG Clutch down a little, slow it does not matter. Because it is necessary to ensure that the line is not pressure, the speed is slow enough to be in the car when the deviation of the time to make adjustments
What is the role of LG Clutch
    First, the role of LG Clutch: cut off the power between the engine and gearbox, is conducive to start, speed, and parking.
    Second, the use of LG Clutch: step down, you must quickly stepped in the end, in the process of lifting, to follow the two fast, two slow, a pause to use. What is the two fast, two slow, a pause? Listen to me slowly to you. First, the LG Clutch in the lift when the total trip is divided into five points: the first point, all stepped on the end; the second point, the linkage point and then step on some of the initial linkage; the third point is the middle there Point 5 points, all lifted up, and now I come to tell you, when should be fast, when should should be Slow, when should pause. Between the first and second points is the empty trip should be fast, between the 4th and 5th points is free travel should be fast, which is two fast. Between the second and third points to slow, between the third and fourth points are slow, which is two slow. In the third point to pause, this is the two fast, two slow, a pause to use the method.
Third, LG Clutch linkage point to determine the location: on the linkage point, the location of each car are different, that is, with a car, with the use of LG Clutch, the linkage point of the location is also changing, for beginners, the entire trip are slow Some, gradually to the correct use of the method close. So, how do you start to determine the location of the linkage point? Listen to me carefully to you, in the road to start carrying LG Clutch pedal in the process, as long as the car began to move, then the LG Clutch into the linkage point area, must be stopped, 1 mm can not lift, if the lift , The vehicle is not Chong Chong is the engine flameout, waiting for the car before the line more than 5 meters, then the LG Clutch pedal slowly lifted all the way, so when the vehicle is very smooth