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The Clutch And Separation Of The LG Clutch Is Controlled By The Power-off Of The Coil.
- May 27, 2017 -

LG Clutch The clutch and separation of the LG clutch is controlled by the power-off of the coil.

  Electromagnetic LG clutch can be divided into: dry single-chip electromagnetic LG clutch, dry multi-chip electromagnetic LG clutch, wet multi-chip electromagnetic LG clutch, magnetic LG clutch, slip electromagnetic clutch LG, and so on.

  Electromagnetic LG clutch work can be divided into: power combination and power combination.

  Dry single-chip electromagnetic LG clutch: coil power generated when the magnetic pull "armature" film, LG clutch in the state; coil power "armature" bounce back, LG clutch in a separate state.

  Dry multi-chip wet multi-chip electromagnetic LG clutch: the same principle, the addition of several friction to pay, equal volume torque than dry single-chip electromagnetic LG clutch large, wet multi-chip electromagnetic LG clutch work must have oil or other cooling Liquid cooling

  LG clutch three operating states

  In the use of LG clutch when the most need to pay attention to the problem, is not to be a long time in a separate state. Why is this so? Let's take a look at the structure of the LG clutch. The main part of the LG clutch is a friction plate, which is divided into active friction plates and passive friction plates. The active friction plate is integrated into the crankshaft through the gear and the engine crankshaft. The passive friction plate is also connected by the active wheel of the gear and gearbox. General LG clutch has a number of active friction and multi-chip passive friction film, both concentric circles, from the placement (a proactive, a passive, and then a proactive, and then a passive) together. LG clutch has three working conditions:

  1 The first state is the combined state, that is, the active friction plate and the passive friction plate in the spring and the role of the pressure board together, this time from the engine power is transmitted to the gearbox;

  2. The second state is fully separated, that is, when we hold the LG clutch handle, the original role in the main passive friction plate on the pressure is removed, the active friction plate and passive friction plate from the combined state into a separate state, active friction The film is turned with the engine, the passive friction plate with the transmission of the active shaft turn, power transmission is intercepted;

  3. The third state is semi-combined state (semi-linked state), in this state, the active friction plate and passive friction film is neither fully integrated, nor completely separated, LG Clutch power transmission in a semi-semi-constant state.

  LG clutch effect

  1, to ensure the smooth start of the car This is the primary function of the LG clutch

  2, to achieve smooth shift: in the car driving process, in order to adapt to changing driving conditions, the transmission system often have to change the work of different stalls.

  3, to prevent the transmission system overload