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The Main Introduction Of The Samsung Clutch
- May 27, 2017 -

 Samsung Clutch Samsung clutch, including the shaft, coupling sets, internal gears, external gears, transfer sets, holes, latches, baffles, spiral grooves and screw holes. The shaft is provided with a coupling sleeve, the left end of the coupling sleeve is provided with an internal gear, the middle part of the coupling sleeve is connected with the external gear, the right end of the coupling sleeve is set with a reel, the connecting sleeve and the reel are connected with a small hole, The right end of the coupling sleeve is fitted with a baffle. The gearless part of the external gear has two symmetrical spiral grooves, which have two symmetrical screw holes. The screw groove is connected with the rotary sleeve through the spiral groove of the external gear.

  Samsung Clutch The connection of the coupling sleeve to the external gear is spline connection or internal and external gear connection. The device uses a spiral groove to guide the gear clutch, simple structure, easy installation and maintenance, easy to operate

  3.7.2 Design of torsional damper; Schematic diagram of driven plate with torsion damper shown in Figure 4.1; Figure 4.1 Torsional damper with torsional damper Slide spring; 3 - disc spring washer ;; 4 - fastening screw; 5 - driven plate hub; 6 - damping friction plate;Damping plate; 8-limit pin; 1) limit torque Tj; limit torque refers to the shock absorber in the elimination of the pin and driven plate hub gap; general passenger car: coefficient of 2.0 or T , Determines the shock absorber shock absorber effect. The design parameters also include limit torque Tj, preload torque Tn and limit angle j. 3.7.2 Design of torsional damper

  Figure 5 shows the spring friction type: 1-driven plate; 2-damping spring; 3-disc spring washer;

  4 - Fastening screw; 5-driven hub; 6 - Vibration reduction plate 7 - Vibration plate; 8 - Limit pin 1) Limiting torque Tj