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The Principle And Use Of Daewoo Clutch Car
- Jul 07, 2017 -

The principle and use of Daewoo Clutch car

Daewoo Clutch manufacturer we are going to give you a professional explanation of the so-called Daewoo Clutch. As the name implies, it USES the "from" and "to" to deliver the right amount of power. By Daewoo Clutch friction plate, springs, pressure plate and the composition of the power output shaft, the arrangement between the engine and transmission, used to transfer the torque of the engine flywheel storage for transmission, ensure vehicles in different condition is passed to the drive wheels driving force and torque, belongs to the category of the powertrain. In the semi-linkage, the power input and power output of the Daewoo Clutch is allowed to have a speed difference, which is to transfer the right amount of power through its speed difference.

For the manual car, the Daewoo Clutch is an important part of the automotive power system, which is responsible for cutting and connecting the power and the engine. When driving in city road or complex road, Daewoo Clutch has become one of our most frequently used components, and the stand or fall of Daewoo Clutch apply, directly reflects the level of driving, also reflected the good or bad for vehicle protection. Proper use of Daewoo Clutch, the principle of mastering Daewoo Clutch to solve the problem by using Daewoo Clutch in special case, should be controlled by the car friends of every driver manual.

The Daewoo Clutch is divided into three working conditions, namely, the total movement of the clutch without stepping on the Daewoo Clutch, the semi-continuous movement of the Daewoo Clutch, and the discontinuous movement of the Daewoo Clutch. When vehicles running in normal pressure plate is tightly packed on the flywheel on the friction plate, pressure plate at this time and the maximum friction force between friction plate, relatively static friction between the input shaft and output shaft, the same speed. Started when the car, the driver steps on the Daewoo Clutch, daewoo, the movement of the clutch pedal pull the pressure plate back, also is the pressure plate and friction plate separation, pressure plate and the flywheel no contact, and there is no relative friction.

The last type, which is the semi - continuous state of the Daewoo Clutch. At this point, the friction force of the pressure plate and friction plate is small. The Daewoo Clutch pressure plate and the flywheel semi-connected car Daewoo Clutch principle and the friction between the use technique is the sliding friction state. The speed of the flywheel is greater than that of the output shaft, and the power portion transferred from the flywheel is passed to the transmission. There is a soft connection between the engine and the driving wheel.

In general, Daewoo Clutch is when vehicle start and shift work, the gearbox one axis and two axes of the speed difference between, with a powerful engine shaft must be cut, synchronizer to good keeping the speed of a shaft and biaxial synchronous gear into later, again by Daewoo Clutch shaft with the combination of engine power, to transmit power to continue.

In daewoo, clutch, and an indispensable buffer device, it consists of two similar to the flywheel disk to together, on the disc has a rectangular groove, the groove inside decorate spring, when meeting the fierce impact, two disc spring elasticity effect, each other between the buffer external stimuli. Effective protection of engine and Daewoo Clutch. In the various parts of Daewoo Clutch, pressure plate spring intensity, the friction coefficient of friction plate, Daewoo Clutch diameter, number and Daewoo Clutch friction plate position is the key factor of Daewoo Clutch performance, the greater the stiffness of spring, the higher friction coefficient of friction plate, daewoo, the diameter of the clutch, the greater the Daewoo Clutch performance is better.