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There Are Five Common Problems With Panasonic Clutch Installation
- Aug 31, 2017 -

There are five common problems with Panasonic Clutch installation
1. Will it accelerate the wear and tear after installing the Panasonic Clutch?
Panasonic Clutch the principle of the clutch is simply a manipulator to help you step on the clutch, when you need to step on the clutch, it will automatically help you trample, on how many, how much, all by computer automatic control for you. Panasonic Clutch is the fastest time is 0.02 seconds, the control accuracy of 0.02 MM, the speed and accuracy is impossible, shorter half clutch time clutch wear less, under the same condition, compared to both the artificial and clutch control, Panasonic Clutch can reduce the time of half an on-off state instead, to reduce the clutch wear.
2. Can the Panasonic Clutch save oil?
Panasonic Clutch separating time of 0.02 seconds, the person accused of clutch separation time in more than one second, we know to engine by clutch transmission power, clutch, the longer the less transfer of power, fuel economy is mainly by reducing the clutch time to achieve, how much oil specific section depends on driving skills and habits, it is difficult to reflect on the motorway, in urban areas generally can save more than 5%.
3. What is the difference between a manual car and a Panasonic Clutch?
After loading, it is not changed by the wave box, it is still mechanical speed, the oil consumption is still unchanged, compared with the automatic transmission, the biggest difference is that it needs to be manually added and reduced
4. After loading, can you pass the annual examination of the car?
Careful the key is to look at the engine number, accelerator, brake, etc. If there is any change, Panasonic Clutch system from beginning to end without any changes about these parts before, so does not involve the use of a modified, will not affect the year careful registration, and we have a key switch, switch off the system after the last audit.
5. Is the Panasonic Clutch modification legal?
Panasonic Clutch is equipped with a product, do not belong to the scope of modified, without changing the original car clutch, more do not change the engine, wave box, brake and accelerator on security project, even the mounting holes with hole is the original car, it only to collect the original car signal (speed, speed, throttle. Braking), not affecting the original vehicle driving computer; Pull the clutch fork with a pull wire, control the clutch separation and closure (equivalent to stepping out); Switching off the system switch is equivalent to not installing the Panasonic Clutch and restoring the clutch to the foot. Therefore, the installation of the Panasonic Clutch is not the scope of the modification, and more definitely not the illegal modification. The media news has reported the legal and stability of our automatic brand products.
Panasonic electromagnetic effect of the magnetic powder clutch is used to transmit torque, when the excitation current is kept constant, the transmission of torque is not affected by the differential between follower and transmission devices, can reliably transfer constant torque, with fast response, the advantages of simple structure, is a kind of superior performance of the automatic control components, has a very wide range of USES.
In the process of the use of the Panasonic Clutch in some type radar, the failure rate is high due to the magnetic particle caking, which seriously affects the radar tracking performance after the failure. Because its structure is special, the detection difficulty is bigger, the main adopt change repair after the failure, the time and effort, the replacement is not easy to cause other parts of the damage. There is no suitable instrument for measuring the Panasonic Clutch of this model, and there is no corresponding standard to measure the good or bad of the Panasonic Clutch. At the same time, the Panasonic Clutch is repaired or replaced, and it can be tested by running counter, which can make the performance of the Panasonic Clutch more stable and prolong the service life.