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There Are Two Main Processing Methods: Fluorite Flotation And Gravity.
- Jan 18, 2017 -

1, fluorite flotation. The flotation of fluorite and other similar mineral flotation, needed crusher, ball mill, classifier, mixing barrel, flotation machine, select more fluorite flotation, therefore required flotation cell number is also more. Fluorite flotation collector collector: in addition to oleic acid as collector as fluorite collector available alkyl sulfate, alkyl amine, amine acid sulfonated succinate sulfonate, and other sulfonate and amine; the inhibitor of water glass is the most commonly used inhibitors to improve the selectivity of flotation of fluorite, inhibition of water glass ability of water glass and soluble salt with combined inhibitor, or with sulfuric acid according to a certain proportion of acidic water glass. The former Soviet Union the relevant patent are introduced in this paper an inhibitor of fluorite and calcite separation, ratio of water glass, aluminum sulfate and sodium six partial effect. Guangdong Research Institute of nonferrous metals H1010, is composed of acid, alkali and synergistic agent mixed adjustment agent, can effectively separation of fluorite and calcite and quartz. Consists of water glass, aluminum sulfate, sodium sulfate and sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, NL, NS and NO3 inhibitors for the Shizhuyuan fluorite flotation effect is good. Fluorite flotation equipment: crusher, ball mill, classifier, mixing barrel, flotation machine.

2, fluorite ore separation. Fluorite is mainly used for the purification of coarse grain gravity gravity high quality fluorite ore, also have good concentration effect for the beneficiation of low grade fluorite ore section. Fluorite ore gravity is mainly based on the gravity separation of fluorite ore and waste rock proportion difference, its gravity equipment is mainly jig, jig of fluorite mine also has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and other advantages, more and more strict requirements in the environmental protection today, the jig of fluorite flotation process is gradually replaced fluorite, become the mainstream method and equipment of fluorite ore dressing. Fluorite ore gravity equipment including: crusher, vibrating screen, jigging machine etc..

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