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Use The LG Clutch, What Operating Environment Is Needed
- Oct 11, 2017 -

LG Clutches are very many different types of different LG Clutches
Its use is not the same scope, its role is very large, and the penetration rate is very wide. LG Clutch work requires a certain environment, so as to be able to play its maximum performance. Because the LG Clutch is in different host products with other products used together, so the work of the environment is a bit complicated, will be the temperature, water, dust and other aspects of the impact. In the choice of LG Clutch must be based on their own actual situation, from these aspects to consider. If the LG Clutch is to be used in different environments such as high temperature, low temperature, acid and alkali, do not choose flexible components in the flexible connection, but should choose the metal elastic components of the flexible LG Clutch. In the small or drive-based transmission system, the accuracy requirements of the LG Clutch is very high, so it is best to choose non-metallic elastic components LG Clutch. Some occasions, the accuracy of its needs is not the same, we must first look good. Therefore, the LG Clutch working environment is still a certain requirement, it should be used with other parts, like a pulley, in the choice of time must be careful.
The gear LG Clutch is combined with a conventional electric field motor to form a semi-direct drive motor with a higher torque transmission capability. The gear type compound motor is mainly composed of three high-speed rotors with permanent magnets as low-speed rotor The magnetic ring, and the teeth of the device permanent magnet inside the shell of the stator. Its working principle and magnetic field modulation permanent magnet motor is similar, but also rely on the surface of the magnetic field coupling and magnetic field on the magnetic field modulation effect to change the speed ratio. The gear-type compound motor completes the direct drive of the low-speed and high-torque, taking full advantage of the internal space of the magnetic gear and then increasing the power of the full drive system. The results show that the torque density of the composite motor can reach 60kNm / m3 and the power factor reaches LG Clutch 0.9 or more under the natural cooling condition. This is the time at which the maximum torque density and the power factor of the electromagnetism motor can be used in the following aspects of the application has an immeasurable potential:
(1) skills automation. Because the gear-type compound motor drive eliminates the gear box, do not need lubricants, so the food chemical and pharmaceutical work has LG Clutch a great attraction. It's overload protection talent, can play a protective effect on all systems. Together with space saving, high transmission power, lower cost, in the conveyor, mixer, grinder, ball mill and valve actuators can be used.
(2) marine generators. Permanent magnet gear compound motor drive torque density, small size, 30% lower than the conventional motor volume distribution, the motor equipment in the vicinity of the stern position, you can make room for valuable, together with the high power of the propeller work.
(3) aviation industry. Increased safety circuit winding equipment, magnetic gear compound motor with fault-tolerant function, reducing the use of hydraulic systems on the aircraft, together with the hydraulic system can also increase the anti-interference talent. When the drive is overloaded, the internal magnetic gear can be harmlessly skipped to protect the system, and the drive can automatically return to its normal level when the load returns to normal.
LG Clutch market demand, its quality requirements are getting higher and higher, but the working principle of the LG Clutch you understand?
1, LG Clutch prime mover rotation driven arm rotation, centrifugal force in the external throwing, with the motor speed increases.
2, LG Clutch installed in the arm on the centrifugal friction block on the friction wheel is also increasing the pressure, the friction torque gradually increased and the formation of the role of operation.
3, LG Clutch in a serious overload or stall conditions, the load side torque is greater than the friction torque, centrifugal friction block by the centripetal force caused by the reduction of the slider force, LG Clutch play a protective role.
4, LG Clutch in the device load surge or plunge when the friction block and friction wheel to produce intermittent relative movement, thus forming an alternating impact load, repeated impact LG Clutch output shaft and reducer input shaft With the joint surface, thus damaging the joint surface.