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Washing Machine Common Fault Repair
- May 28, 2018 -

First, the washing machine can not dehydration troubleshooting

1. The laundry is in an unbalanced state during washing. Remedy: You can reduce the amount of clothing before washing clothes, do not stuff too much at once, so as not to cause unbalance during washing. The effect of dehydration is not good.

2. The safety switch of the top cover of the washing machine is damaged. Do not open the top cover as much as possible during dehydration to avoid damage to the top linkage switch.

3. Washing machine drainage system is blocked. Remedy: Remove the drain filter, rinse the drain with water and remove any debris from the drain valve.

4. The water level switch cannot be reset. Solution: Contact the point of sale.

5. The motor failure causes the washing machine not to be dehydrated. Remedy: You can try to open the back cover of the washing machine and move the pulley by hand if there is no sticking phenomenon. After the power is turned on, the motor has a humming sound and does not rotate, it is a short circuit or damage to the motor, or the capacitor is not connected to the motor circuit. At this time, the power should be turned off and the motor belt should be removed and restarted. If the motor still does not turn or the speed is low, the motor is faulty and the motor should be repaired or replaced.

6. The electromagnetic valve damage caused the washing machine can not be dehydrated: washing and dehydration of the automatic washing machine is completed through the electromagnetic valve to convert the bottom gear, and the damage of the electromagnetic valve can make the dehydration not work properly!

7. The loose motor plug causes the washing machine not to be dehydrated: Troubleshooting: It should be re-inserted and tied tight with the strapping cable to prevent it from falling off again.

8. Computer control board fault washing caused the washing machine can not be dehydrated: Troubleshooting: can only replace the brain control board, because its control board is covered with plastic in order to waterproof, repair is quite inconvenient!

9. The action of the motor thermal protector can cause the washing machine not to be dehydrated. Remedy: At this time, it can be used as soon as the thermal protector is reset.

10. Some models do not have dehydration keys, the washing machine does not dehydrate. Troubleshooting should first check whether the dehydration key is pressed. If this button is pressed, the washing machine has a wrinkle-free function and does not dehydrate the laundry. As long as the dehydration key is lifted, the washing machine can be dehydrated.