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Washing Machine Leak Troubleshooting
- Jun 08, 2018 -

1, drainage valve elasticity is too strong or drainage rope is too short, drainage rubber ring can not put down, resulting in close contact with the drainage mouth is not tight, there is a gap, then should be appropriate to adjust the elasticity of the drainage valve, the length of the drainage belt, re- Install the drainage pipe;

2. Drain the outside of the pipe to be scratched, broken and leaking, you need to replace the new drainage pipe;

3, drainage rubber ring aging cracking or loss of elasticity, resulting in poor sealing performance and cause leakage. Then need to replace the drain rubber ring;

4, if it is because of the quality of the washing machine drum or poor laundry tubing caused by leakage, you need to seal the plugging loopholes, welding leaks or replace the inner barrel;

5, dehydration process leakage. The reasons may include: The dehydration shaft impeller rubber sleeve inner seal damage or the seal is not strict; The wave wheel rubber sleeve itself has the crack or the aging; The wave wheel rubber sleeve and the dehydration outer barrel drain mouth do not closely adhere or use the degumming to cause the water leakage. The above problems should be repaired or replaced with new parts.


Leakage of washing machines is generally divided into leakage of the drain pipe and leakage at the bottom of the washing machine. If there is a phenomenon of leakage of the washing machine, it is necessary to perform troubleshooting on the basis of the above conditions. If the bottom of the washing machine is leaking, check the method: Open the plastic cover on the front right corner of the front of the washing machine and check if the knob is loose; or if there is water leakage at the washing powder box and the door of the washing machine: If water leakage occurs in this area, it is generally due to washing powder. Too much cause, at this time, users are advised to use a low foam or a small amount of washing powder to avoid leakage of the washing machine.