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Washing Machine Leakage Causes And Troubleshooting
- May 31, 2018 -

The washing machine is working under wet conditions. Once the internal electrical device or wiring of the washing machine is damaged or wetted by water, the washing machine is insulated from the ground and it will be damaged, so that the voltage of 220V is directly conducted to the ground, resulting in leakage of electricity. Electrostatic and inductive power are also frequently seen. Therefore, once the phenomenon of electrification is found, it is necessary to stop the power supply and find a professional to inspect.

1. The liquid in the barrel is charged. This is mostly caused by the connection between the hub of the wave wheel and the live parts. It is important to check the insulation of the lower electrical parts of the drum and the leakage phenomenon until the fault is eliminated.

2, the shell is charged. When the shell is energized, check whether the power cord is damaged or the copper wire is exposed. After the leak is found, apply insulation tape. Some of the capacitors themselves are damaged. Replace the capacitors.

3. Electromagnetic induction causes induced electricity. At this time, even if the washing machine is well insulated, the glow phenomenon can be measured with a pencil. Generally, the induced electric energy is small, which will not cause harm to human safety. The methods of eliminating induced electricity are as follows: First, connect the washing machine ground wire; second, reverse the power ground wire hole, and insert the original plug inserted into the ground wire hole. Fire hole.

4, static electricity is the result of strong electrostatic induction of the washing machine, the energy is bigger, the serious person will give the person a strong electric shock, there are two kinds of methods to eliminate the static electricity, one is to replace the belt or the pulley; The second is to soak the belt in clean water for about 2 hours, take Dry it out and reinstall it.