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Washing Methods Of Washing Machine
- Jun 14, 2018 -

Cleaning the washing machine coup 1: Use the washing machine special detergent to wash the washing machine ,this method is very simple, first add the water to the high water level, the machine runs for 5 minutes to fully dissolve the detergent, can warm the drum Washing machine can be heated to 40 °C, turn off the washing machine power for at least 1 hour, and then wash the body according to the daily washing mode, after stopping to see a lot of dirt debris floating on the water. In this way, after one month cleaning, the dirt inside the machine is difficult to pile up. In addition, do not rush to close the door of the washing machine at the end of each wash, and allow the inside of the machine to be ventilated to keep it dry. This can prevent mildew build-up.

Cleaning the washing machine coup two: use the bleaching agent to wash the washing machine , adding the right amount of bleach, be sure to use chlorine bleach. In 40 liters of water, 300 ml of bleach was added. Adjust to a high water level and wait until the water is full and add bleach to mix well. The bubble that started slowly was caused by the dissolution of the detergent remaining in the inner barrel. About twenty minutes later, the bleach will thoroughly clean the dirt on the back of the inner barrel. When the dehydration is completed after mixing, the bottom of the inner barrel of the washing machine will remain dirty, and the water will be put again to completely clean the dirt.

Clean the washing machine coup three: use household white vinegar on the washing machine washing how to clean the washing machine, add water, water has not been over half of the washing machine laundry bucket, do not put any washing items, soak for 3 hours, then start the washing switch, wash a few times, and then drain Half of the water, add white vinegar (as much as possible), put it aside overnight, release the washing water, and then wash it once with clean water. Open the lid and wait until dry.


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