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What Are The Causes Of The Rapid Wear And Tear Of The Panasonic Clutch Driven Plate?
- Jul 18, 2017 -

What are the causes of the rapid wear and tear of the Panasonic Clutch driven plate?

There are several reasons for the problem that the Panasonic Clutch is wearing too fast.

(1) the Panasonic Clutch driven plate and the engine flywheel, the Panasonic Clutch pressure plate to create a sliding. For example, there are individual drivers often habitually put the foot on the clutch pedal panasonic, Panasonic Clutch pedal force, drawing Panasonic Clutch cable, panasonic valve mechanical clutch button, button valve in abnormal working state, deflated makes Panasonic Clutch booster cylinder is not the normal working state, Panasonic Clutch appeared similar to the status of the half clutch. The pressure of the clutch pressure plate of the Panasonic Clutch is partially absorbed, and the Panasonic Clutch is skidded, which can cause the friction film of the clutch of the Panasonic Clutch to be worn too quickly.

(2) unskilled operation. Due to the less familiar position of the steyer series cars, the structure of the Panasonic Clutch and the braking performance of the car are not fully understood, and the Panasonic Clutch is too often used. If you encounter a common obstacle, you can use the air brake, but you are not familiar with the braking system of the vehicle. After braking, restart again, use the Panasonic Clutch frequently, cause wear and tear too fast. Because of the unskilled in the file, can not hang up, and then again to separate the Panasonic Clutch, also can cause to use too frequently, wear too fast.

(3) the method of conjugation and separation is not correct. Use Panasonic Clutch, bad cooperation, due to the throttle and gear shift gear sound, due to the impact and separation Panasonic Clutch, cause unnecessary separation, joint number increase, the wear was accelerated. In operation, the separation is often very fast, and the joint is very slow, so that the time of the Panasonic Clutch in the joint process is lengthened and the wear is accelerated.

(4) bang the accelerator and lift the Panasonic Clutch. Car is occurred in the car or the road, through the difficult, not using differential lock to enhance capacity, but fierce detonation throttle, heavily Panasonic Clutch, is precipitating method, caused the Panasonic Clutch platen by the impact force is too large, short time overload, causing wear too fast.

(5) serious overload. The overload makes the work load of the Panasonic Clutch increase, the wear of the Panasonic Clutch is too fast. There are severe overloading of individual users, resulting in the poor work conditions of the Panasonic Clutch, and accelerated wear and tear.

(6) problems of maintenance quality. Some users in Panasonic Clutch plate after severe wear, USES his way to replace the lining, because of the quality of the riveting and Panasonic Clutch damage of quality problems also arise too fast.

(7) Panasonic Clutch pressure disc failure. The Panasonic Clutch pressure plate in the use of overheating, resulting in the pressure of a Panasonic Clutch pressure plate spring force variation, soft, a rupture. Because of the spring force change, make the flywheel, driven disk and pressure plate slide, and causes the disc friction plate to increase. If the pressure plate overheats, it is best to check the spring force of the pressure plate to ensure the best joint.

Panasonic support on Panasonic Clutch cover, clutch lever if hardness is not enough, namely when Panasonic Clutch, may make the cover produces large deformation, this will reduce the Panasonic Clutch transmission efficiency of operating mechanism, serious when still can cause Panasonic Clutch is not complete, cause early wear of friction plate, also can cause transmission shift. So in order to reduce weight and increase the stiffness, the Panasonic Clutch cover adopts the thickness is about 4 ㎜ of low carbon steel plate, such as 08 steel plate stamping into complex shapes with stiffener and edge.

Panasonic in a pressure plate, clutch cover separate lever, compression spring, the support ring and other important parts, so it is relatively with the flywheel must have a good center, otherwise it will destroy the balance of Panasonic Clutch, seriously affect the Panasonic Clutch work.