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What Are The Functions Of The Royalstar Clutch System?
- Jul 07, 2017 -

What are the functions of the Royalstar Clutch system?

Check whether there is any free travel on the Royalstar Clutch fork (7 ~ 8 mm). If do not conform to the requirements should be adjusted to the required range, if still cannot eliminate failures in the next step. The third step: adjust the braking system check, if still cannot eliminate failures in the next step. The fourth step: remove the gearbox and check the release bearing, for the card for separation of fork, if you have you must change. Check the Royalstar Clutch for the viscous oil at the same time, if you have you must confirm the oil source, and repair. Remove the Royalstar Clutch, check assembly, cover assembly, flywheel, excessive wear, if excessive wear should be replaced. Check whether there is friction plate burning phenomenon, if slightly burning rough sandpaper available after continue to use, if loss seriously the need to change. 3, poor separation (shift) difficult fault phenomena, reasons, inspection methods and repair fault phenomenon: the Royalstar Clutch in separation, shift caused difficulties, serious when shift. Only through the engine stopped to commissioning inspection method: in the clutch in separation, can through the following methods to confirm its separation point, the junction

Maintenance method:

Step 1: check whether the Royalstar Clutch pedal is too high and whether the empty stroke is appropriate and adjust to normal conditions. If the failure is not eliminated, proceed to the next step.

Step 2: check the royal, total pump, pump, clutch fork separation, separation and bearing whether there is a card, not flexible movement, the clutch pedal is return to normal. After excluding still cannot solve on to the next step.

Step 3: check the Royalstar Clutch disc, cover assembly, flywheel assembly if excessive wear and tear, and the pressure plate separation, release bearing thrust plane for wear too much. Friction plate wear plate assembly shall not leak rivet; Measuring with vernier caliper, the face wear should be no more than 0.3mm in the pressure plate of the cover assembly; The installation depth of the flywheel shall be measured with depth ruler, and the wear depth shall not be greater than 0.5mm. The surface of the disc should not be polished. The bearing thrust plane should not be ground out of the concave arc; The size should be replaced. But one should be paid attention to in the process of repair parts do not conform to the requirement should be replaced separately, don't generally complete replacement. (for example: the Royalstar Clutch disc assembly wear too much, just change the tray assembly, do not at the same time the cover assembly replaced) 2, sliding failure phenomenon, reasons, testing method and maintenance fault phenomenon: start serious trembling, the car couldn't get on, speed up slow, uphill weakness, thirsty, etc., the main reason is that the Royalstar Clutch torque is smaller, serious when can transfer torque. The cause of the problem: 1) the Royalstar Clutch pump without free stroke, when Royalstar Clutch wear slightly, separation mechanism to death, causing the Royalstar Clutch refers to not return space, pressure plate clamping force is reduced, cause the Royalstar Clutch skid, serious wear and tear. 2) driving operation problem: not completely release the Royalstar Clutch pedal, excessive use of semi-clutch condition, overload operation, climb steep slope, make the Royalstar Clutch wear seriously. Skid test method: with the hand brake the car is in a state of complete brake, royal tread down the clutch pedal, then in a launch, release the clutch pedal, royal if engine can stop, Royalstar Clutch trouble-free. Instead, the Royalstar Clutch is skidded, disassembled and checked for the Royalstar Clutch. Royalstar Clutch skid, can find the reason from the following aspects: 1) the platen (steel) assembly: friction viscous oil, carbide, damage of lining, lining damage and friction wear to rivet. 2) cover (pressure plate) assembly: the diaphragm spring is broken, the working end of the pressure plate is more than 0.3 mm, deformation, installation screw loose, and the separation of finger jump is more than 1mm. 3) flywheel: the face of the flywheel is wearing more than 0.5mm. 4) separation mechanism: the separation fork has no moving allowance, the Royalstar Clutch pedal has no free travel, and the separation of the bearing has no moving allowance. 5) brake system: improper adjustment of brake system too loose or too tight, after exercise wheel hot repair method: according to the above five aspects of reason, can refer to the following order to skid for repair: the first step: in skid test method to confirm, in the absence of any real clutch skid should be paid attention to during the process of driving driving method. The second step: at the royal with skid test method to confirm the clutch skid, first check with or without Royalstar Clutch pedal free stroke schedule whether meet the requirements of the provisions of the auto makers maintenance manuals;