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What Is The Important Role Of Car LG Clutch?
- Sep 11, 2017 -

What is the important role of car LG Clutch?
1, to ensure a smooth start of the car
This is the primary function of the LG Clutch. Before the car starts, naturally start the engine. And when the car starts, the car is gradually accelerating from a completely static state. If the driveline (which is in contact with the entire car) is rigidly connected to the engine, the gear will suddenly roll forward, but it will not start. This is because the car from the static to the front of the red, resulting in a lot of inertia force, the engine caused a great resistance torque. In this moment of inertia resistance torque, the engine in the instantaneous speed dropped sharply to the lowest stable speed (usually 300-500RPM) the following, the engine is turned out and can not work, of course, the car can not start.
So we need the help of the LG Clutch. After the engine starts, before the car starts, the driver first depresses the LG Clutch pedal, separates the LG Clutch, disengages the engine and the driveline, hangs the gearshift, and then loosens the LG Clutch pedal to gradually engage the LG Clutch. In the process of joining, the engine resistance torque gradually increased, it should also gradually step on the accelerator pedal, that is, gradually increase the fuel supply to the engine, so that the engine speed is always maintained at the lowest stable speed, At the same time, due to the LG Clutch tightening degree gradually increased, the engine transmission to the drive wheel will gradually increase the torque to the traction enough to overcome the starting resistance, the car from the static movement and gradually accelerate 2, to ensure that the transmission system for File work smoothly
2: to achieve a smooth shift in the car driving process, in order to adapt to changing driving conditions, the transmission system often have to change the work of different stalls. To achieve gearshift gear shift, usually toggle gear or other gear device, so that the original gear of a gear through the drive, and then another gear into the work of the gear. It is necessary to depress the LG Clutch pedal before the gearshift, to interrupt the power transmission, to facilitate the disengagement of the meshing of the original gear, and to gradually synchronize the speed of the engaging portion of the new gear meshing with the auxiliary gear, so that the impact at the time of engagement Reduce, to achieve smooth shift.
3, to prevent the transmission system overload When the car for emergency braking, if there is no LG Clutch, the engine will be due to rigid connection with the drive and a sharp reduction in speed, so all the moving parts will produce a lot of inertia moment (its value may be greatly exceeded The engine when the normal work of the maximum torque), the transmission system caused by more than its carrying capacity of the load, leaving the mechanical damage. With the LG Clutch, it is possible to rely on the relative movement that may occur between the LG Clutch active and the driven parts to eliminate this danger. Therefore, we need a LG Clutch to limit the maximum torque that the driveline is subjected to and ensure safety. Clutch can be divided into: friction LG Clutch, or the use of liquid as a transmission medium, or the use of magnetic transmission.
Note that the LG Clutch is skidding, there are several reasons for this phenomenon, the main reason is that the LG Clutch pedal free travel is too small, the separation bearing is often pressed on the diaphragm spring, so that the pressure plate is always in a semi-separated state. Or the LG Clutch pressure plate spring is too soft or broken, LG Clutch and flywheel connected to the screw loose and so on.
In the engine idling state, depressing the LG Clutch pedal almost bottom, in order to cut off the LG Clutch. Depressing the LG Clutch pedal, feeling the hanger or the gears of the gearshift, or the drive does not lift the LG Clutch pedal, and the vehicle starts to drive, which indicates that the LG Clutch is not completely separated.
When you press the LG Clutch pedal to 3/4, the LG Clutch should be firmly engaged, otherwise check the stroke is appropriate, can be used to measure the pedal in the ruler, first measured the highest position of the pedal height, and then measured pedal to feel the resistance The difference between the two values is the value of the car LG Clutch stroke.