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What Is The Reason That LG Clutch Is Different?
- Jul 07, 2017 -

What is the reason that LG Clutch is different?

There's a lot of people in the car who know that the LG Clutch sometimes rings, so what's the reason for that? As a professional LG Clutch disc manufacturer to explain to you:

LG Clutch in the emergency response

When stepping on the LG Clutch pedal, it is clear that the LG Clutch part has a different ring; The reason for this situation is mainly that: LG Clutch pressure plate spring break or detach the bearing loose; LG Clutch steel fragment broken; LG Clutch separation lever fracture, wear excessive or separation lever adjustment bolt snap.

On the way, the emergency method is: stop the car in the proper place, tighten the handbrake, make the triangle wood, and put the transmission into the neutral position. Reclining operators under the car, touch the flywheel, the LG Clutch pressure plate fixed bolt all loose, and separation of spin out to changing a lever nut, and then use iron bar to pry open LG Clutch pressure plate, remove the separation of leverage and bolts. If the separation lever damages 1 or 2, 2 can be removed and the rest will be installed in the diagonal position. If damaged, the demolition of 3, and the rest 3 only 120 ° transposition packed into each other's position. If bolt is broken, use coarse wire to tie up emergency use. 1. Start the car with a high-speed stop, a cart or another car.

2. Put the shift lever into neutral, start the engine to do idle operation, and push the car forward with manpower. Then, do not use the LG Clutch shift method to hang in the middle speed block.

3. When the above conditions are not met, the engine can be started first, and when the gas pedal is increased, the engine can be quickly mounted to the low speed retaining force to start. When operating, the throttle should be appropriate and quick and decisive. The LG Clutch should be repaired in time for maintenance.

4. If the LG Clutch is inseparable from the low level of the separation lever, it can be adjusted to increase the appropriate thickness between the LG Clutch cover and the flywheel, but the thickness of each gasket should be consistent.

LG Clutch manufacturer and everybody I want to know. LG Clutch plate in our life, but there are many useful in their use, also brought a lot of convenience to our life, here, we will introduce you to a little secret about LG Clutch, to help you better know about him.

Computer control regulator control regulator is now car USES a new type of regulator, the system total load is measured by the electrical load detector, sends a signal to the generator's computer and computer controlled by the engine generator voltage regulator, circuit timely on and off the field, which can guarantee the normal work of the electrical system in a reliable way, the battery charging, the pressure plate and the maximum friction force between friction plate, relatively static friction between the input shaft and output shaft, the same speed. Started when the car, the driver steps on the LG Clutch, LG the movement of the clutch pedal pull the pressure plate back and also is the pressure plate and friction plate separation, pressure plate and the flywheel no contact, and there is no relative friction.