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Why Is Panasonic Clutch Skidding?
- Oct 11, 2017 -

1, Panasonic Clutch compression spring break or aging soft, so that pressure plate pressure weakened, reduced friction, the ability to reduce the torque, when the load slightly increased, Panasonic Clutch will produce a slip phenomenon.
2, Panasonic Clutch gap is too small. Separation of bearings and separation of the lever in the temperature increases, will produce expansion, so that Panasonic Clutch is not separated in the semi-joint state, the vehicle is empty, the slippery is not obvious, when the load increases, there will be a serious slip phenomenon.
3, Panasonic Clutch has oil, so that friction caused by slippage.
4, Panasonic Clutch film wear serious, damaged or rivet exposed, so that friction is reduced, resulting in Panasonic Clutch slippery.
Therefore, when Panasonic Clutch slips, check Panasonic Clutch clearance first, if Panasonic Clutch gap is no problem, then remove Panasonic Clutch to conduct a comprehensive inspection: If Panasonic Clutch film oil, to identify the reasons for oil and remove, Gasoline will be used to clean the Panasonic Clutch film and replace it. If Panasonic Clutch is damaged or spring broken, replace the new Panasonic Clutch and spring.
Panasonic Clutch pressure plate manufacturers is a professional production of various Panasonic Clutch pressure plate business, our company has many years of history, not only will provide you with quality products, but also for you to provide a perfect pre-sale Service, today we will tell you about how the pressure plate after some minor problems, how should we go to check!
Car Panasonic Clutch pressure plate after the failure, we first check it, you can use a magnifying glass to its moving plate, pressure plate, flywheel and other places to check to see if there is any cracks, damage and other phenomena occur, if there is crack Or damage occurred, to timely replacement of good quality products to ensure that the use of the process in the future to reduce the occurrence of failure. When assembling Panasonic Clutch, it is necessary to ensure the cleanliness of the friction plate. After cleaning the surface of the platen and the flywheel, it will be cleaned and installed to avoid the slippage of Panasonic Clutch. In the maintenance of the time must be in accordance with the relevant requirements to carry out, so as to avoid the trouble can not help. About the maintenance of the car Panasonic Clutch pressure plate today to introduce you here, if you have any questions or comments, you can call our service hotline at any time, our staff will serve you wholeheartedly, more Knowledge, in the future work will continue to show to everyone, I hope you can pay more attention to our dynamic!
Panasonic Clutch is installed between the engine and the transmission, the car from start to travel throughout the process, often need to use Panasonic Clutch. It is the role of the engine and the transmission can be gradually between the joint, so as to ensure a smooth start of the car; temporarily cut off the connection between the engine and the transmission in order to facilitate the shift and reduce the impact of the shift; when the car emergency braking Separation, to prevent transmission and other transmission system overload, play a protective role. Panasonic Clutch control form has two kinds of cable and hydraulic, car multi-purpose hydraulic control, it has a small noise, effort, smooth, easy to arrange the advantages of the master cylinder, cylinder, hose, pedal and other components. Automatic torque converter torque converter has been clutch, and manual transmission Panasonic Clutch is mainly used in the form of friction, and independently become a device, have their own control system. Therefore, the ordinary manual transmission car has a Panasonic Clutch pedal device, installed in front of the driver's seat front.
The passenger car uses the diaphragm Panasonic Clutch, which consists of the active part (by the shell, diaphragm spring, pressure plate and so on the whole and screw fixed on the engine flywheel), the passive part (composed of friction plate and driven plate) and the control part composition. The passive part is mounted between the flywheel and the platen and is fitted over the input shaft of the transmission by sliding the spline. (1), the pressure plate (3) and the flywheel (2) are clamped by the elastic force of the diaphragm spring (4), and when the engine is operated, the flywheel and platen are driven by friction between them and the friction plate The drive plate rotates together and transmits the torque to the transmission drive shaft.