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Why Is The Samsung Clutch Pedal Heavy?
- Oct 20, 2017 -

Why is the Samsung Clutch pedal heavy?
1. Samsung Clutch pedal heavy reason for the return spring tension
In order to let the Samsung Clutch pedal in the release can be accurate and quickly return to the standby position, pedal will be designed to have a return spring. If the pedal is a heavy phenomenon in the replacement of a new spring after the emergence of that is likely to be Samsung Clutch pedal return spring caused by too much tension, the problem is easier to solve, replace a smaller tension of the spring can be.
2. Samsung Clutch pedal heavy cause of the clutch cylinder damage
At present, almost all of the heavy truck Samsung Clutch are used to help the system, under normal circumstances the operation will be more light, but if the clutch cylinder failure, may cause insufficient power, may wish to check whether the cylinder is working properly.
3. Samsung Clutch pedal heavy reason for the compressed air pressure is low
I have already talked about the heavy pedal caused by the damage caused by the Samsung Clutch, but sometimes it is not necessarily the cause of the cylinder itself. Because most of the power driving the clutch booster comes from the compressed air in the cylinder, if the compressed air pressure to the booster is too low, it will cause the lack of power to occur, so after such failure, Check the compressed air pressure to the clutch booster.
4. Samsung Clutch pedal heavy cause of insufficient lubrication
The Samsung Clutch of the truck is separated by a booster cylinder (commonly known as a sub-pump) that drives the platen through a number of mechanical structures, and there are several points that need to be lubricated in this structure. If the lubrication is insufficient, the friction is too large, it will cause the Samsung Clutch pedal heavy.
For example, some models of the Samsung Clutch separation fork shaft, because the lubrication point in the flywheel shell inside, so only through a hose connected to the gearbox flywheel housing. But often when we fill the grease will ignore the existence of the lubrication point, resulting in excessive friction fork shaft caused by heavy pedal, and even eventually lead to excessive fork load fatigue fracture.
5. Samsung Clutch pedal heavy cause of the separation bearing too tight
Samsung Clutch has been able to achieve clutch function, through the pressure plate on the Samsung Clutch plate compression and relaxation to complete, and pressure plate compression and relaxation is driven by fork to drive the separation of bearings to complete. Separate bearing sets in the gearbox input shaft cover guide sleeve on the front and rear sliding to control the separation of the pressure plate, if the separation bearing and guide sleeve with the gap is too small, it will cause excessive friction, driving force wasted in the separation bearing And the steering sleeve of the friction, the pedal is also very heavy.
In fact, the reasons for causing heavy more than a few of these, if you encounter such problems, we must start from a wide range of checks to prevent unnecessary damage caused by maintenance
In the Samsung Clutch pedal lift at the same time, should be based on the size of the engine power, and gradually put the accelerator pedal tread down, so that the car can start smoothly. Throttle operation to be smooth and appropriate, only in the Samsung Clutch can be combined to increase the throttle. When moving in the shift, the manipulation of the Samsung Clutch pedal should be quickly depressed and lifted, as with the operation of the switch, can not appear semi-linked phenomenon, otherwise it will accelerate the wear and tear of the Samsung Clutch, the operation and attention with the throttle. In addition to starting, stopping or shifting, the feet should leave the Samsung Clutch pedal. Because a slight pressure on the pedal will accelerate the wear of the Samsung Clutch. Also in the slow stop, step on the Samsung Clutch pedal, the speed must be below 20km / h. Stepping on the Samsung Clutch pedal high-speed inertial glide is very dangerous, because doing so, sacrifice the "engine brake", it is difficult to control the car, but also easy to damage the Samsung Clutch.